July 21


One to One Correspondence Counting Activities for Kids

July 21, 2021

one to one correspondence counting activities

Looking for a fun way to help your child learn how to count? Do you need something quick and easy that will engage their attention while they are learning? Here are some great ideas for one-to-one correspondence counting activities that will engage your kids and make learning even more fun.

What is the meaning of one-to-one correspondence?

One to one correspondence refers to the one-to-one correspondence between a number and the object that it represents. For example, a child who touches each stuffed animal in the row and says the number aloud for each car touched demonstrates an ability to count with one-to-one correspondence.

One to one correspondence counting activities

I have created different types of 1 to 1 correspondence activities that both my son and I enjoyed playing with, and I hope your kids will too! You can download the free printables at the end of this blog.

Activity one: Count and Cover

In this activity, the beginning of each row is a number from 1 to 10. Followed by the same number of empty blocks corresponding to the given number for your child’s use. Let them cover one empty block with an object, i.e., foam blocks, craft buttons, or pompoms.

Continue this activity until all the empty blocks are covered. You can repeat this activity by giving a different number in different order instead of one row after another.

count and cover

Activity two: Roll and Dot

You guessed it. This is an interactive activity where you or your child rolls the dice, counts how many dots are, then dots matching numbers on the worksheet with a marker. My 3-year old loves this game, and he can usually find all of the correct answers.

Numbers 1 to 6 are on one page, and 7-12 are on another one. You can focus on just numbers 1 to 6 if you want your kids to practice counting without being overwhelmed with many math additions. For those who need more advanced practice or have already mastered these basic skills, starting anywhere will work!

roll and dot

Activity three: Roll and Cover

This activity uses dice and resin buttons to practice counting one-to-one correspondence. Roll the die, cover the matching number with that same number of resin buttons.

You can make this activity a game. You’re going to roll one dice at a time until your number matches up a targeted number on the worksheet. Whoever rolls the least times wins! The best part about playing games like these is? There are no losers when everyone has fun trying their hardest–and winning or losing doesn’t matter as long as they learn something new in the process.

roll and cover


These activities are designed to help children understand the concept of one-to-one correspondence. It can be used as an educational tool for preschoolers, kindergarten students, and early elementary school kids. We hope it will help you in teaching this principle to your child or student! Have fun! Remember that a critical component of any introductory lesson on creating patterns is repetition with slight variation. This ensures retention while also encouraging further exploration by making each subsequent time feel like something new.

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