July 11


Fingerprint Counting Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

July 11, 2021

fingerprint counting activities for preschool and kindergarten

Do your kids love fingerprint counting activities? They are a great way to reinforce the concept of numbers and practice math skills.

As a 3-year-old, my son always enjoys fingerprint counting activities because they are easy to understand, and he likes the hands-on aspect of them. In addition, he can see how matching up sets of fingerprints makes it easier for him to count and learn numbers.

In this blog post, I will be sharing fingerprint printables for preschool and kindergarten-aged children to practice counting. They cover caterpillar, ladybug fingerprint activity, and apple tree printable to count from 1 to 10. I hope you enjoy these fingerprint number activities as much as my son does!

Caterpillar fingerprint counting worksheet

The free printable caterpillar fingerprint counting worksheets are a cute and educational way to teach your child the correct number of body segments for each caterpillar. The numbers are in order, so it’s easy for kids to get familiar with how they go from one digit to another. The best part is, you kids could use any color they like (prefer black), and make fingerprints prints of any size!

Ladybug fingerprint counting

The ladybug fingerprint counting activity is a fun way to teach your child how to count. With the numbers in random order, this can be more challenging than caterpillar one! Have your pick out their favorite colors (prefer black), then get ready for some finger painting with dots! You’ll love watching them create these beautiful works of art, and you might find yourself wanting to do it too:)

Appletree fingerprint counting

The appletree fingerprinting is an easy and fun way for your children to use their fingers to add the correct number of apples on each apple tree. The order of fingerprint numbers is also random, which reinforces counting skills and recognizes numerical values.

Setting up your freebie

Supplies Need

  • Fingerprint counting printables (download at the bottom of the post)
  • Washable Paint


  • Print out the worksheet.
  • Grab your supplies, follow the instructions on the printables or in this blog post.
  • Enjoy fingerprinting activities together!

Differentiation Ideas

There are many ways you can make your classroom more interactive and engaging for the learners. Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of using paint to do the activity, you can use buttons or small lego blocks, even stickers, whatever you can think of for this activity.
  • Instead of choosing their favorite or recommended colors, let your students a determined color(s) from the list of colors. This exercise can improve their color matching and recognition skills.
  • You can also differentiate this activity by varying the fingerprint numbers and finger positions (left or right). It can help them learn other numbers as well as improve their spatial awareness.


Fingerprint counting activities are a great way to teach children about numbers and how they work together. It is an activity that can be done at any time, with little preparation or materials needed. It also helps kids learn their unique patterns in ways other methods might not offer. If you’re looking for a fun math game your child will love, download our free printable fingerprint template now!

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