About Me

Hi! I’m Cathy. I’m a software developer, mother to an adorable preschooler boy. My husband is a mechanical engineer and – we’re engineers’ family! 

I was a teaching assistant at school for more than four years and loved watching students learn new things every day. Now it’s exciting for both my husband and me to teach my son too with fun STEM learning activities shared on this page:). 

I always thought that being a software developer would be a boring career. I was wrong! It turns out it’s just as much fun to develop things, create new ways of doing something, and solve problems for a living when you get home from work every day as my husband does. The best part? Teaching your kids these skills too so that they can grow up with them in their toolbox at school or on the job someday!

I love to make learning fun for my kid. I know you do too! That’s why we share the fun learning activities: To help our children learn and grow in the best way possible, even when life is a little busy or overwhelming sometimes.

I strive to keep STEM activities simple but effective so that everyone has time left over after their workday ends. Not only will your child enjoy it more this way, they will also remember what was taught better than if it were wordy and drawn out with lots of information thrown at them all at once (which can be difficult for adults as well!).